Teacher-Student Online Meet


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Date: 4th June, 2021, Time: 5 pm-6 pm

Meeting convened by: Prof. (Dr.) M.L. Sharma, (HoD, IT)

Attendees: All faculty members of IT, Students of final year

Platform: Microsoft Teams (MST)


As the final year students gear up for their final assessment at MAIT and as their teachers prepare final questions for them, there was another thought that was catching up with the minds of all- the thought that this is the last month when the final year students are with us at MAIT. Owing to the pandemic there could be no physical interaction with these students in the last 2 months. This was a testing time for the students as well as the teachers.


An online meeting was called by the Head of the Department on 4th June, 2021 at 5 pm on MST to convey the wishes of the faculty members to the students. The objective of the meet was to apprise them of the forthcoming examination procedure, to inspire them to take the challenge that lies ahead in their life, to instil the sense of belongingness among the students and above all to convey to them that we are all together in this testing time.


The event commenced with the address of the HoD, Prof. (Dr.) M.L. Sharma. He apprised the students of the dates of examinations, the procedure, the conduct and the rules of evaluation. Prof. Sharma shared his views on the ongoing situation arising out of covid-19 pandemic. He motivated the students by his words of wisdom. Faculty members were invited to convey their messages to the students. Prof. (Dr.) Amita Goel, Dr. K C Tripathi, Ms Shallu Bashambhu, Dr. Bhoomi Gupta, Mr. Ajay Kaushik, Ms. Nidhi Senger, Dr. Vinay Kumar Saini, Ms Narinder Kaur, Ms Vasudha Bahl, Mr Bhaskar Kapoor and Mr Vibhor Sharma conveyed their messages.


In the end, there was a photo session. Photographs were clicked group wise. The students were happy with the small event which served like a stress reliever in the tough times. As is the tradition in our culture, the culmination of graduation is called “Deekshant” meaning “the end of Diksha” not the end of “shiksha”- which is never-ending.


Prof. M.L. Sharma thanked all for their presence.



Dr. K C Tripathi

(Associate Prof, IT Dept.)



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