Orientation Session for 3rd Sem. Students


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Prof.(Dr.) M L Sharma, Head of the Department


                Dr. K C Tripathi, Associate Professor


Microsoft Teams (MST)


12:00 noon to 2:00 pm

Orientation session for the 3rd semester students of IT and ITE was organized on 13th September from 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm. The objective of the session was to introduce the students with the working of the Department.

The event began at the scheduled time with the Head of the Department, Prof. (Dr.) M.L. Sharma greeting the students. Prof. Sharma informed the students about the general functioning of the Department. He motivated the students by citing the achievements of the senior students of the Department. The students were informed about the counselling mechanism, the covid protocols and the academic calendar. Prof. Sharma motivated the students by his encouraging words.

After the brief introductory remarks, the Head of the Department invited Dr. K C Tripathi, Associate Professor, to take the session forward with the formal presentation. The presentation was aimed at providing a glimpse of the Department to the students. The students were told about the courses they have to study in the next three years of their stay in the Department, the internships, the projects and the laboratory works. Departmental infrastructure and library facilities were shown virtually to the students. The students were apprised of the various societies functional in the Department. Dr. Tripathi also highlighted the placements and other achievements of the students of the Department. The duties and responsibilities of the students were highlighted and the students were motivated to follow the Indian ethics and moral values. After the slide show the students were taken through the Departmental website and informed about various sections therein. Dr. Tripathi ended his session with thanks to the Head of the Department.

After the formal session the Head of the Department invited Prof. (Dr.) Amita Goel to share her views. Prof. Amita motivated the students with her inspiring words. Prof. Sharma further invited all faculty members who would wish to share their views with the students. Dr. Bhoomi Gupta, Ms. Shallu Bashambhu, Mr. Ajay kaushik, Ms. Nidhi Sengar, Dr. Vinay Kumar Saini, Ms. Narinder Kaur, Ms. Vasudha Bahl, Mr. Bhaskar Kapoor, Dr Neha Agrawal, Ms. Vandana Choudhary and Ms. Namita Goyal expressed their warm wishes to the students.

The students were given an opportunity to put up their queries. Some students enquired about routine procedures, some enquired about the difference between IT and ITE branches while others put up queries about covid protocols.

The session ended with thanks to all the members present.


Some pictures of the session :-