One Day E-Workshop on "Data Structures"


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                Dr. Vinay Kumar Saini


                Dr. Bhoomi Gupta  

Student Coordinators:

                Aman Balhara, Ayush Garg and Kamal


              Mr. Nitin Chauhan, Technical Consultant at DUCAT


              Microsoft Teams (MST)


                20/09/20213:30 pm – 5:00 pm

The event was organized with the blessings of Dr. Nand Kishore Garg, Founder and Chief Advisor, MATES and Chancellor, MAU, Himachal Pradesh, Prof. (Dr.) Neelam Sharma, Director, MAIT, Prof. (Dr.) S. S. Deswal, Dean (Academics), MAIT and Prof. (Dr.) M.L. Sharma, HoD IT.

The occasion also marked the inauguration of “Jigyasa- The Technical Society of Students”. Dr. Vinay Kumar Saini, Assistant Professor, IT and Convener of the event with Dr. Bhoomi Gupta, Assistant Professor, IT and Co-convener of the event introduced the society to the audience. The society is formed with the objective to provide a platform for the students and faculties to collaborate towards exploring, researching and continually evolving to make things better in everyone’s lives. Prof. Dr. M.L. Sharma, HoD IT is the ex-officio mentor of the society.

This brief introduction was followed by an address by Prof. (Dr.) M.L. Sharma, HoD IT. Prof. Sharma congratulated the conveners of the society “Jigyasa” for effectively working towards the objectives of the society. He extended his warm wishes to the speaker, Mr.Nitin Chauhan, Technical consultant at DUCAT. Prof. Sharma informed the audience that the Director Prof. (Dr.) Neelam Sharma and Dean (Acad) Prof. (Dr.) S.S. Deswal could not attend the event due to their prior occupations but have conveyed their best wishes to the organizers.

The technical session commenced as per the scheduled time. The session continued with two-way interaction between Mr. Nitin Chauhan, the students and faculty discussing data structures along with their practical uses with examples. The session was brief but very insightful. Topics including primitive, linear, non linear data structures, space and time complexities followed by some algorithms and hashing techniques were discussed in a concise manner. The session lasted for about 90 minutes.

Mr. Vishal Ranjan and Dr. Vinay Kumar Saini put forward a few points focusing on the importance of data structures in the industry. Dr. Bhoomi Gupta, Co-convener, faculty at MAIT, shared a few words about the fundamental importance of data structures and how Jigayasa will promote the communication between students and teachers. About 120 students and faculty members registered for the event.

The vote of thanks was presented by Dr. Bhoomi Gupta. The event was coordinated by Mr. Aman Balhara, student Coordinator, Jigyasa.



Some pictures of the session :-