R & D Lab and Project Lab


Aim and scope

  • For faculty to carry out their advanced research and development work
  • For students to use for project work
  • To carry out IPR related work


Major areas of research (not exhaustive)

  • Machine learning and applications
  • Weather and climate modelling
  • Image processing
  • Cloud computing and networking
  • IoT and wireless sensor networks
  • Data security and integrity







 Desktop Computers

 For project development



 HP Laserjet 1020 plus – 1

 For printing of study material



 3D printer

 For creating physical objectsfrom digital designs by students



 Internet (wi- fi)

 For web browsing



 White Board

 For Discussion



 IoT kits

 For making IoT basedprojects



Previous years Project reports/ Copies of published papers

 For reference to prepare project reports