The Information Technology Department came into existence in the year 2001 under GGSIP University with a modest strength of 60 students. The intake was subsequently increased to 180 in 2012. It has been attracting bright students from all over the country for quality education in Information Technology. IT Department is committed to achieve excellence in technical education & research and assesses the success of its programs using the highest standards of quality. A group of well qualified,experienced and highly motivated faculty is engaged in providing quality education to the future World Class IT Engineers and prepare the students in wider field of Information Technolgy to take up challenging jobs in the area of :-

Software Development

Computer Networking

Information Technology department students have a unique talent which combines solid technical understanding and soft skills. IT industry know the value of innovation and talent, IT department graduates are heavily recruited by IT industry, and ex-students of the department occupy top positions in IT industry all over the world.

Information Technology Department works with a vision “to develop technically.competent software professionals, innovators, proficient entrepreneurs and socially responsible citizens ”