It is a pleasure and an honour to welcome you to the Department of Information Technology. We are constantly reviewing and updating our portfolio of courses to meet the demands of the industry and employers. Under close supervision and constant monitoring by efficient and experienced faculty, students in the department receives proper IT skills to enhance their prospects for job opportunites in India as well as abroad.

Department of Information Technology emphasize the importance of all aspects of techical courses such as Software Engineering, Computer Organization and Architecture, Database Management System, Java, Data Structures, Computer Networks, Algorithm Analysis and Design, Operating System, .Net & C# Programming  and many more. The Department also focuses on the overall development of the students with special emphasis on their soft skills analytical capability & verbal communication. The IT Department is a rising star in innovative education and industrial interaction. However, this star can not shine without the dedication of students in acquiring the knowledge being offered. We wish you all the best and we hope that you will gain the required skills for you to enjoy and start life as an IT professional. 

Dr. M. L. Sharma