MAIT encourages students not only to excel in academics but also prosper in extra-curricular activities. The Department of Information Technology, in line with policy of the Institution, motivates its students to showcase their talents at the Departmental level.  A small platform at the right time can do wonders. That platform and that opening opportunity is provided to the students in the form of Students’ Societies. The Department strongly recommends the students to form their societies, organize events and carry out the publicity as they wish. However, all societies function under the mentorship of faculty members who are designated as “conveners” and “co-conveners” of the societies. Apart from faculty mentors there are student coordinators in each society. The conception, organization and execution of events are carried out by the students’ coordinators. Thus, these societies provide two-fold opportunities -

(i) the students showcase their organizational skills and

(ii) the students participate in the events organized by these societies to showcase their talent. 





जिज्ञासा - The Technical Society



सप्तरंग- The Cultural Society




अभिव्यक्ति- The Literary Society

The literary society is aimed at providing the students of the      department a platform to express their ideas in the form of poetries, short stories, articles, opinions and much more. The society organizes vocal events such as debates and extempore on contemporary topics to enable the students to become a responsible citizen.    




अभिरुचि- The Hobby Club 

The goal of hobby club is to help students develop holistically. With this in mind, the college continues to offer co-curricular activities that allow pupils to showcase their latent talents and blossom into excellence. Co-curricular activities not only aid in the acquisition of practical knowledge of a subject, but also in the development of human potential.



आशाकिरण- The Social Engineers Club

“ A little bit for yourself and everything for others!”

The aim of this departmental club is to nurture talent and provide a platform to students who have keen interest in the social welfare of the students’ community and the society at large. The aim shall be achieved by organizing soocial events like Awareness Programs, Tree Plantation Drive etc.