Educational Visit By I.T. Department, DRDO, Delhi

Industry interface enables students to analyze and understand the ever changing dynamics of the industry. An industrial and educational visit for exposure of practical knowledge of B.Tech. (I.T.) 6th semester students, was organized by IT Department under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) M. L. Sharma, HOD, IT on 25th February, 2020. The purpose of this technical industrial visit to SSPL DRDO, Delhi, was to make the students aware of the Several solid-state devices like Gunn, Scotty Barrier and IMPATT Diodes, monolithic microwave integrated circuits, high-power laser diodes, quadrant detectors, single pole single throw switches, PIN photodiodes, space-quality solar cells, accelerometers, linear infrared Arrays, Thermoelectric coolers, phase shifters, hydrophones, SAW-based e-Nasika have been developed at SSPL. Students of B.Tech. (IT) participated in this technical visit.



We are grateful to Er. Arun Tanwar, Engineer and officials from SSPL DRDO for giving an enlightening tour of the various laboratories. SSPL is engaged in the research and development of advanced semiconductor materials and devices. Device quality II-VI/III-V semiconductor crystals and heterostructures have also been developed by the lab. Solid State Physics Laboratory is equipped with facilities for nano-fabrication, crystal growth and epitaxy, including electron beam lithography, focused ion beam, III-As/N/Sb and II-VI MBEs, III-N/As MOCVDs etc. The session was very informative and thought provoking.

Er. Seema Kalonia and Er. Namita Goyal were the main coordinators of the visit. The students of B.Tech. (I.T.) 6th semester are indeed grateful to Prof.(Dr.) Neelam Sharma, Director and Prof.(Dr.) M. L. Goyal, Vice-Chairman, MATES, Dr. Nand Kishore Garg, Founder-Chairman and Chief Advisor and whole Management for facilitating this technical trip to SSPL Laboratory DRDO Timarpur, New Delhi. Finally efforts of officials at DRDO deserve more than appreciation for their support and services.